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Welcome to my company:  Olrik Investment Aps.  

The company mediates the contact between buyer and seller within different properties and locations. I have a really good network that helps me, and I am always ready to help my network.

I already have many customers and I look forward to helping them, so that together we become successful and can attract new customers. 

Trust and orderliness - is very important. 

Do you have properties or development projects you want to sell, I have a buyer who can give you an answer within a short time. Contact me in confidence.


Has housing project terraced houses / apartments in Aarhus for sale for a total of DKK 236 million. "Sold"


Micro living is on the rise in big cities, contact me for options.


Townhouse projects in Kolding DKK 200 million "sold"


Sale / lease back property 327 mio. North Zealand return 4.75 Logistics properties contact me.


Has a large logistics area in Jutland completed 2023/2024.


Logistics / warehouse properties are sought in the triangle area DKK 80 million. - 600 mio. has several buyers.


Logistics / Warehouse in Greater Copenhagen - Greve - Køge - Roskilde? 30 mio. - 1000 mio. sought has buyer.


Has a buyer for residential properties in Ålborg, DKK 80 million. - 300 million


Commercial investment properties triangle area 4 properties mediated return 5.5% 240 mill.

Property 1 price DKK 56 million return 5.25%

Property 2 price 77 million. return 5.75%

Property 3 price DKK 59 million return 5.50%

Property 4 price DKK 48 million return 5.50% 240 million


Box Properties rented to JYSK, Jem & Fix, Skousen etc. Price 39,775,000 return 7%


Domicile property, today rented out to 8 tenants. Price 64,700,000 return 7.34 Good location.


Have just had 7 residential properties Off-Market Greater Copenhagen, the buyer pays my finder fee, as well as fees. Should you have the opportunity next time.


Hotels in Copenhagen close to the Metro or public transport are bought, 2-3 stars like 125 rooms. Building plot Greater Copenhagen, is interested in plots for housing projects or properties that can be converted into housing.


Have the developer and the end buyer in my network. Have you sold your business or property? have excess capital in the bank? Offers advice and management of your investments with emphasis on risk profile and investment horizon. Collaborates with some of the most talented managers globally within each asset class. Has a mandate to

Investment opportunities as well as a network of wealthy customers, who are looking for alternative investment opportunities, and collaborate with some of the best in investments and financing. 


I have more than 30 years of experience in the financial industry and have worked with many talented leaders and colleagues through the ages.

I have had some of the largest customers in the world, but have always focused on providing good customer service as well as creating relationships regardless of the size of the company.

Huge respect for all the companies and independent people, that I have worked with through the ages.

Thank you so much for being a part of my great network.

Looking forward to a good cooperation.

Yours Sincerely

Jens Mølhøj Olrik