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We broker properties for residential, office, commercial, logistics, and building plots ranging from 15 million to 2.5 billion, as well as hotels.

Dear customers and partners, friends and family, we wish you all a happy and prosperous year. ❤️ Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2024

Financing - I have sellers and final buyers in my good network.

However, we are seeking residential properties with good locations around Copenhagen, storage and logistics properties (nationwide), and properties leased to public tenants.

Our clients include: Pension funds, Investment Banks, Foreign capital chains, You, Project developers, Banks, Real estate agents, Family Offices, Wealthy families, Lawyers, Asset Managers, Fund Managers, Farmers, Property funds, Danish expatriates, Advisors, Investors who have built their wealth by selling their businesses, Architects, Logistics clients, Pension investors, Hotel investors, Hotel chains, Auditors, Fast food chains, Grocery conglomerates, Financial Management, Energy Company, Multi-Family Office, etc.

I facilitate contact between buyer and seller for various properties and locations. Interested in all of Denmark.

Olrik Investment does not work for free; it is important that everyone involved in a project or property transaction benefits from their work. Right now, we are receiving so many inquiries that we are incredibly happy about selecting the right partners to collaborate with. Ready to collaborate.

We currently have investors who can and will buy properties for DKK 5 billion.

A major announcement, Olrik Investment can help install solar panels on commercial properties, as well as offer private solar panel offers, through my good partners. There can be significant value for your commercial property with a solar panel system, and it also aids your ESG accounting. Sustainability is a focus in 2024.

Seeking investors for joint-venture residential projects, seeking investors for large property transactions.

Seeking investors for growth companies


Off-market property portfolio residential Copenhagen, plus DKK 1 billion.

New case: 55 row houses, location 35 minutes by car from Vallensbæk. Join my VIP list for new building plots.

New case: Development property in Aarhus, approx. 12,000 building rights square meters 1-2 years before local plan, company transaction. Join my VIP list for new building plots. Sold! Similar properties sought.

Hotel Copenhagen sought 4-star buying now.

Seeking more properties for investors. Residential properties from DKK 60 million upwards? Preferably Copenhagen.

New case: Logistics building plot close to Kastrup Airport.

New case: Logistics/storage Vejle join my VIP list.

New case: Logistics/storage brownfield properties - Kolding - Triangle area.

Good location close to the motorway.

New case: Logistics property sale/lease back - optimal returns sought - strong tenants (creditworthiness) 10-15 year lease close to the motorway near Aarhus.

New case, development property with potential for 5 apartments Rødovre. (Sold) Similar sought.

New case: Seeking land throughout the EU for developers for solar panel construction - need 200 ha. - 1000 ha.

New case: Seeking land for developer logistics, minimum 20,000 sqm. free height 10 m. location North Zealand.

Why invest in solar panels?

Seeking final investor for hotel, price DKK 150 million strong operators.

News Hotel: Hotel Investment Hotel with inner courtyard. Total of 327 rooms

distributed over 6 floors • Signed lease agreement with XXXXX XXXX, an international hotel operator with a strong balance sheet ◦ Lease Term: 25 years (5 years extension possible)


Corporate guarantee from mother company XXXXX XXXX Hotel for sale in operation from May month 327 hotel rooms Olrik Investment intermediates this investment opportunity. Price 40 million Euros.

Seeking, seeking, seeking building plots. Olrik Investment can help assemble the right team to solve the task.

Financing: financing of construction of new properties, renovation of existing properties or purchase of existing properties. The loan process and disbursement process are not as rigid as the banks'. Financing can be done in all forms of housing – house, apartment, holiday home, agriculture, hotels, commercial etc. There are associated costs. The loan is based on security in real estate.

Seeking property portfolios have several strong investors; in the Danish market, there are relatively few property owners under pressure to sell, which limits transaction volume. But feel free to come. Have investor in my good network ready to lift investment properties from DKK 1 billion to DKK 6 billion.

Ready to collaborate! 2024 will be good after a weak 2023. The transaction market reopens in 2024.

Need for loan financing?

Seeking Hotels in Odense, Aalborg, Kolding. Middelfart, Vejle, Aarhus as well as Copenhagen and Greater Copenhagen.

Seeking Commercial properties, not office. Preferably long lease contract (15-20 years), one tenant, logistics, production company, maybe grocery trade.

News: Seeking commercial plot.

Commercial plot sought: Need to be able to build approx. 7-9,000m2 building at a height of 6-8 meters. Desire for plot 15,000-25,000 m2 close to motorways and main roads in Greater Copenhagen.


Høje Tåstrup - Vallensbæk - Glostrup - Rødovre - Hvidovre - Herlev - Valby - Greve - Amager.


With the possibility of a new local plan for space-demanding companies (Retail, Logistics) other options are also welcome, thank you.

New case: My investor is interested in properties throughout Zealand, which have more than 1,200 Amperes supplied to the property. Lease or buy the property at market price.

New case: investor who would like to buy land in the EU to build solar parks.

XXXXXL is looking for premises for upcoming stores to open this and next year.

• The premises must be located along a busy road / motorway, also preferably in industrial areas or on access roads.

• May be close to competitors Stark, Jem&Fix, XL Byg etc. (or other exciting companies, stores) Burger King, Sunset Boulevard, Jysk, Power, Elgiganten.

• The premises should preferably be square and with high ceilings. 3-6 M

• The lease should be 250 - 600 m2 gross

• Good parking facilities

• Good access / exit options

News: Seeking commercial plot

Greater Copenhagen, from 8000 m2 land requirement 4000 m2 building, building height 6m-9m. Thank you

News: Seeking wealthy clients who would like to invest in real estate, we want and can help you.

Logistics client seeking:

We are looking for a minimum of 10,000 square meters of land, with or without building permits, the important part is:

Low regulatory risk in relation to cooperation with municipality and planning department.

High floor area ratio, if the land has building permits.

Good supply of qualified labor - also before the Fehmarn tunnel is completed.

High capacity on the electricity grid and sufficient water supply.

Efficient infrastructure, perhaps even public infrastructure for employees.

Primarily logistics possibly production with associated office space. They would like to buy bare land (greenfield) or something with demolition-worthy building (brownfield). 

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