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Olrik Investment Denmark

Olrik Investment offers a wide range of financial services and capital opportunities within the real estate sector. Our expertise includes helping property developers to raise capital for projects, facilitating forward funding, providing business loans to companies and assisting with loans for private homes. Our strong partners enable us to provide financing solutions for a variety of clients and property projects. If you need financing for a real estate project or other financial needs in the real estate sector, it may be a good idea to contact Olrik Investment to discuss your specific requirements and find out how they can help you or your business. We can provide you with further details about our services and the process for securing funding.

Mediates residential, office, business, logistics, building land properties from DKK 15 million. - 2500 million as well as hotels. ​ Financing - have the seller and the end buyer in my good network. Our customers are: Pension funds, Investment Banks, Foreign capital chains, You, Project developers, Banks, Estate agents, Family Offices, Wealthy families, Lawyers, Asset managers, Fund managers, Farmers, Property funds, Danes abroad, Advisors, Investors who have created their wealth by selling their business, Architects, Logistics customers, Pension investor, Hotel investor, Hotel chains, Accountants, Fast food chains, Grocery groups, Financial Management, Energy Company, Multi-Family Office etc. I mediate the contact between buyer and seller within various properties and locations. Interested in all of Denmark. Right now we have an investor who can and will buy properties for DKK 5 billion. Looking for investor for joint-venture housing project, looking for investor for large real estate transaction. ​ Solar cells, Wind turbines Through our good global network, we mediate solar cells and wind turbine parks, contact for more information. Thank you

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