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Olrik Investment offers comprehensive services in the real estate sector, including:


Real estate brokerage: Facilitates the purchase and sale of real estate, including homes, offices, businesses, logistics, building sites and hotels.


Financing: Assists in obtaining financing for real estate projects, with a wide network of sellers and end buyers.


Advisory: Provides real estate investment expertise and advice, from strategic planning to transaction execution.


Network: Has a strong affiliation network that includes pension funds, investment banks, foreign capital chains, project developers, banks, real estate agents and a wide range of potential investors.


Real Estate Portfolio: Manages and advises on real estate portfolios for clients including wealthy families, family offices, real estate trusts and other investors.


Olrik Investment ensures that all parties involved get value from their work and is dedicated to creating successful real estate transactions.

Olrik Investment is a significant player in real estate investments and development of building sites.

The company's interests and expertise span various areas within the real estate sector.

When it comes to real estate investments, Olrik Investment is interested in identifying and acquiring properties with potential for value growth.

This may include commercial buildings, residential complexes, shopping centers or other types of properties.


Olrik Investment focuses on identifying properties in attractive areas with growth potential, where it is possible to create value through renovation, conversion or development.


When it comes to building sites, Olrik Investment is interested in acquiring and developing plots of land for various purposes. This can include residential development, construction of commercial buildings or mixed development that combines both residential and commercial facilities.


Olrik Investment has expertise in identifying suitable building sites, analyzing their potential and implementing development projects, including collaboration with architects, contractors and other stakeholders. When Olrik Investment mediates plots, the company helps to find suitable buyers or investors for these plots. This may include the preparation of comprehensive documentation and presentation of the site's potential, including location, development opportunities and market perspectives.


Olrik Investment has a wide network of stakeholders, including investors, construction companies and developers, to whom they can convey building plots. Overall, Olrik Investments' interests in real estate and construction sites are focused on finding and exploiting opportunities for value creation. The company uses its expertise, resources and network to identify, acquire and develop properties as well as convey building plots to interested buyers and investors.

Solar cells

Why invest in solar cells One of the most decisive factors for businesses is of course the financial perspective in their investment in solar energy. And luckily, solar cells are a really sound financial investment, and the financial benefits of investing in solar cells cannot be ignored.


Let us help you find your solution for solar cells and investment.

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