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Housing projects

We, on the other hand, are looking for residential properties with prime locations around Copenhagen, as well as warehouse and logistics properties (nationwide) and properties leased to public tenants.

My investor partner outside Denmark is seeking the following:

American Bank

  • Residential, logistics, hotels, convenience retail

  • Specifically in Zealand and preferably in and around Copenhagen

  • Prefers standing properties, but pricing should be attractive

Large Asia fund

  • Only interested in residential and logistics

  • No joint ventures, only direct investments

  • Prefers Zealand but open to discussing other locations

62 student residences in Amager: This exciting project, located just 200 meters from the metro, comprises 62 residential units with well-thought-out planning and modern amenities. (Sold) Similar properties are sought.

Residential project in Korsør, Sorø: We have a residential project for sale in Korsør, Sorø, priced at 440 million DKK. This project presents a fantastic opportunity for investors or developers seeking an attractive location in this area.

Seeking investors for joint-venture residential projects, seeking investors for large property transactions.

Off-market property portfolio in Copenhagen, plus 1 billion DKK.

Seeking property portfolios; we have several strong investors. In the Danish market, there are relatively few property owners under pressure to sell, limiting transaction volume. But please feel free to reach out. I have investors in my network ready to handle investment properties ranging from 1 billion DKK to 6 billion DKK.

Residential project in Esbjerg

20,000 building rights square meters for sale, sea view from 4th floor.

Senior Housing Community in the top 10 cities in Denmark: We are actively seeking partners and investors for a senior housing community in the top 10 cities in Denmark. This project aims to meet the needs of the growing elderly population and create attractive homes focused on community and quality of life.

Residential project in Hvalsø: 50 townhouses, seeking final investor.

Whether you are interested in investing in apartments, townhouses, senior housing, or other types of residences, Olrik Investment can help find the right residential projects that fit your investment goals and preferences. We have the expertise and network to guide you through the entire process and ensure a successful investment.

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