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Building plots

Building plot in Glostrup: We have an exciting building plot entering Glostrup, which could be an ideal opportunity for investors or developers seeking an attractive location in this area.

Building plot in Vallensbæk incoming

Commercial land

Currently, we are seeking 20,000 m2 for warehouses of 7,500 m2. Preferably with good visibility from major roads.

Searching in Greater Copenhagen – All locations such as Vallensbæk, Hvidovre, Rødovre, Glostrup, Greve, Solrød, Amager, Kastrup, Hørsholm, Kokkedal, etc.

Here are a few bullet points on what my client is seeking in Denmark. – Primarily Greater Copenhagen and North Zealand.

  • Minimum land size approximately 800 m2. – Preferably 1,000 – 1,400 m2. – The need for land size has slightly decreased, so we can manage with approximately 750 m2. – 1,000 m2.

  • High visibility. Yes, important.

  • Heavy traffic flow. Yes, important.

Building plot for 44 terraced houses in Slagelse: This building plot is ready for construction now and represents a fantastic opportunity for terraced house development in Slagelse.

Building plot in Holbæk: We have seen significant interest in building plots in Holbæk, and although some plots have already been sold, we continue to search for similar opportunities in the area. (Sold) Similar properties are sought.

Building plots for family homes in Greater Copenhagen: We are actively seeking building plots for the construction of family homes in Greater Copenhagen and its surroundings, and we have clients ready to invest in these projects.

Building plots in Hvalsø

Building plots in Vigersted

Whether you are looking for building plots for residential projects, commercial developments, or other types of property projects, Olrik Investment is ready to help find the right opportunities for you. With our expertise and extensive network in the real estate industry, we ensure that your investments in building plots meet your requirements and expectations.

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