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Commercial properties

Commercial property in Odense: We have a commercial property for sale in Odense priced at 34 million DKK. This property offers an attractive yield of 9.25% and has already attracted significant interest from potential investors.

Commercial land in Greater Copenhagen: We are actively seeking commercial land in Greater Copenhagen with a minimum size of 8000 m2 and requirements for a minimum of 4000 m2 of construction with a building height of 6m-9m. These types of properties are ideal for investors seeking opportunities in industrial, logistics, or manufacturing sectors.

Commercial land in Glostrup: We have a building plot in Glostrup about to enter the market. This plot is ideal for the development of commercial properties and will be an attractive investment opportunity for the right buyer.

Commercial land: Currently, we are seeking 20,000 m2 for warehouses of 7,500 m2, preferably with good visibility from major roads.

Whether you're interested in office space, industrial and warehouse facilities, or other types of commercial properties, Olrik Investment can help find the right opportunities that fit your investment needs and goals. We have the expertise and network to guide you through the process and ensure a successful investment in commercial real estate.

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