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We have access to several hotels that are for sale or coming onto the market. Among these hotels are:

Aarhus: Seeking final investor for Hotel, priced at 150 million DKK with strong operators.

Copenhagen: Seeking a 4-star hotel for purchase now.

Hotels in Frederikssund and Esbjerg: These hotels are part of our portfolio of hotels for sale. With their unique locations and attractive facilities, they represent solid investment opportunities in the hotel industry.

Hotels in Odense, Aalborg, Kolding, Middelfart, Vejle, Aarhus, Copenhagen, and Greater Copenhagen: We are looking for hotels in these cities that may be interesting investment opportunities for our clients. Hotels of various sizes, locations, and facilities can be tailored to specific requirements and desires.

Hotel in Hamburg: If you're looking for investment opportunities outside Denmark, we also have access to hotels in Hamburg, which can be an attractive option for international portfolio diversification. Sold.

Hotel in Gdansk: 327 rooms for sale, with a strong international hotel chain.

Final Investor sought for Hotels: A very strong partner is sought for a larger hotel portfolio.

Whether you are looking for a small hotel for sale in one of Denmark's major cities or a larger hotel investment abroad, Olrik Investment is ready to help identify, evaluate, and facilitate the right opportunities for you. With our expertise and commitment to the hotel industry, we ensure that your hotel investments meet your goals and expectations.

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