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290 hectares farm (Northeastern part of Poland): This farm presents a promising opportunity for the construction of solar parks or wind farms, and we are currently investigating its potential further.

650 hectares farm with the option to purchase an additional 150 hectares (Northeastern part of Poland): This significant property provides ample space to realize ambitious renewable energy projects. We are in discussions with the sellers to explore the possibilities.

1331 hectares farm with the option for an additional 500 hectares: This large farm is also a potential candidate for the development of solar or wind projects. We are working to ensure that this resource is utilized optimally for the benefit of both investors and the environment.

4700 hectares farm (equivalent to 5.5 billion DKK): This is a substantial investment, but it also represents a tremendous opportunity to create significant renewable energy projects. We are carefully evaluating this project to make informed decisions about its utilization.

Through our dedication and expertise in land management and renewable energy, Olrik Investment is positioned to maximize the potential of these land holdings and contribute to the green transition both in Poland and globally.

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