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Pension Funds and Investment Banks: Olrik Investment collaborates closely with pension funds and investment banks to facilitate larger transactions within the real estate sector. This partnership enables significant investments in various property categories and supports portfolio growth.

Project Developers and Real Estate Agents: Project developers and real estate agents are an essential part of Olrik Investment's network, as they help identify and market properties to potential buyers. This collaboration ensures efficient facilitation of property transactions and maximizes value for both buyers and sellers.

Project developers and estate agents: Olrik Investment offers tailored investment solutions to wealthy families and family offices looking to diversify their portfolios with real estate investments. This segment benefits from personalized advice and exclusive investment opportunities.

Logistics Companies and Pension Investors: With a growing focus on the logistics sector, Olrik Investment collaborates with logistics companies and pension investors to identify and invest in suitable logistics facilities. This segment benefits from investments in modern logistics centers and a stable long-term return profile.

Hotel Chains and Financial Management Firms: Olrik Investment works closely with hotel chains and financial management firms to identify and invest in hotel projects with attractive return potential. This collaboration enables investments in both existing hotels and development projects, strengthening the hotel industry and creating value for investors.

Fast Food Chains and Grocery Retailers: Fast food chains and grocery retailers are an important part of Olrik Investment's client segment, as they often seek suitable locations for their businesses. Olrik Investment helps identify and secure appropriate premises for these companies, enabling their growth and expansion in the market.

Advisors and Architects: Olrik Investment also collaborates closely with advisors and architects to ensure that property projects meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability. This partnership ensures that property development is in line with the latest market trends and requirements.

Objective: Olrik Investment intends to continue expanding its network and offering top-tier investment opportunities to its clients. The company aims to maintain its reputation as a reliable and professional partner in the real estate industry.

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