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Logistics/warehouse sites are sought in various areas:

Olrik Investment is actively seeking logistics and warehouse sites in several different areas, including Greater Copenhagen, North Zealand, and the Triangle Region. Their expertise in identifying suitable sites and facilities ensures that investors and businesses have access to the best opportunities for their needs.

Logistics/warehouse brownfield properties in Kolding:

In addition to searching for sites, Olrik Investment is also looking for brownfield properties in Kolding. These properties represent opportunities for the reuse or conversion of existing structures for logistics and warehouse purposes. Olrik Investment's expertise in evaluating and leveraging the potential of such properties ensures valuable investment opportunities.

Logistics property sale/lease back near Aarhus:

Olrik Investment also facilitates transactions related to logistics properties near Aarhus through sale/lease back arrangements. This type of agreement allows companies to release capital tied up in property assets while still maintaining the use of the facilities for logistics purposes. Olrik Investment ensures a smooth and efficient process for both sellers and buyers.

Minimum 10,000 square meter site for logistics:

In addition to searching for existing properties and brownfield properties, Olrik Investment is also actively looking for large sites for logistics purposes. These sites, which are at least 10,000 square meters, allow investors and businesses to construct tailor-made facilities for their logistics needs. Olrik Investment's expertise in identifying suitable sites ensures that customers have access to optimal opportunities for their logistics projects.

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