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Property Projects in Poland:

Olrik Investment is proud to present several exciting land projects in the northeastern part of Poland. These include:

  • A 290-hectare large farm.

  • An impressive farm of 650 hectares with the possibility of expanding by an additional 150 hectares.

  • A comprehensive farm of 1331 hectares with potential expansion opportunities of up to 500 hectares.

  • A vast land area of ​​4700 hectares, representing a very large investment of 5 billion DKK.

These projects are dynamic and are continuously updated in collaboration with our partners to ensure optimal investment opportunities.

Solar and Windpower - Investment Seeks:

PV / PV + BESS / PV + Wind:

  • Sweden and Finland: Ready-to-build portfolios of over 200 MWp with project sizes of minimum 50 MWp.

  • Poland: Portfolios with GCC secured of over 200 MWp with project sizes of minimum 50 MWp.

  • Germany / Austria / Croatia: Projects from greenfield to ready-to-build above 25 MWp.

  • Other European markets (excluding Denmark): Ready-to-build portfolios above 400 MW with project sizes of minimum 50 MW.

Wind stand-alone:

  • Denmark / Poland / Sweden: Ready-to-build and operational projects of all sizes.

However, we are seeking residential properties with good locations around Copenhagen, warehouse and logistics properties (nationwide), and properties leased to public tenants.

Hotel Project in Gdansk:

We also present our impressive hotel project in Gdansk, which includes a total of 327 hotel rooms. This project reflects our commitment to the tourism industry and our vision of creating unique and luxurious experiences for our guests.

Energy Investments:

Olrik Investment is actively involved in large energy projects in both Poland and other European countries. These include:

  • An impressive solar and wind project in Poland with a capacity of 4.8 gigawatts.

  • Investments in Latvia, including a 600-megawatt wind farm project and a 200-megawatt solar park.

  • In Romania, we are working on a project with a capacity of 860 megawatts.

  • In Albania, we have several projects with capacities of 600, 700, and 500 megawatts, respectively.

Solar and Windmill Projects:

We are also proud of our solar and windmill projects spanning several countries:

  • Solar projects with capacities of 300, 100, 80, 105, and 300 megawatts.

  • Windmill projects with capacities of 316, 260, 288, and 500 megawatts.

  • Additionally, we are also working on an impressive offshore project with a capacity of 2.5 gigawatts.

Coming Soon:

We are also looking forward to exciting upcoming projects, including a project in Denmark with a capacity of 230 megawatts and projects in Montenegro and additional projects in Poland.

Olrik Investment remains dedicated to creating value through innovative and sustainable investments in real estate and energy. Stay tuned, as there are always new opportunities on the horizon!

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