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Solar cell and wind turbine projects

Land for Solar and Wind Power Projects:

Olrik Investment is actively working to identify and acquire suitable land for the construction of solar and wind power projects. Our focus areas include Zealand and North Zealand, as mentioned earlier. Additionally, we are also seeking land for the construction of solar parks in Denmark.

Solar Project in Jutland:

We are seeking a final investor for a 20 MW solar project.


My investor is interested in properties throughout Zealand that have more than 1,200 amps supplied to the property. Lease or purchase the property at market price.

Investments in Wind Farms:

In addition to solar projects, Olrik Investment also facilitates investments in wind farms. Our extensive network and experience in the industry enable us to match investors with suitable projects.

Solar and Wind Europe:

Our involvement in renewable energy projects demonstrates our dedication to promoting sustainable investments and contributing to the green transition. Our ability to identify, facilitate, and broker projects in the solar and wind energy sector makes us a reliable partner for investors and companies looking to engage in this growing industry.

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